Building B

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  • 4th floor 0 m2
  • 3rd floor 287 m2
  • 2nd floor 0 m2
  • 1st floor 311 m2
  • 1st floor 104 m2
  • ground floor 432 m2

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Your offices DO NOT HAVE TO BE LIMITED by floors or square meters. You can choose offices of any size.


Meteor Centre Office Park B

Meteor Centre Office Park B is a modern office building in the courtyard, which was completed in 2005. Building offers 5 floors providing 9 600 m2 of A-class office space.

Division of the floor

It is possible to divide the floor into SEVERAL UNITS or rent it as ONE UNIT.

In Building B there are currently vacant spaces of 311m2, 104m2 , 287m2 and 432m2